The Murky Vegan Economy

Is Veganism Impossible?

Veganism, much like objectivity, is an impossibility. You can’t completely avoid contributing to a system that is intricately intertwined with animal agriculture. There are simply too many variables for that to be possible. 

That’s what makes veganism so powerful, like religion is to the religious. The same thing that makes a person’s belief in the economy so central to the economy being able to run right. It’s that same sense of accountability in people that makes them want to go vegan.

Now the economy is shifting towards a more plant based marketplace. Every market analysis on vegan products suggests that vegan products, from ice cream to cosmetics to cars, are going to expand into more significant segments of the market for the next decade or two. It’s a growth sector with massive potential and there are a ton of investors in this area who couldn’t care less about animal rights. 

It’s inevitable that as a vegan I’m going to run into products that are technically vegan, made with no animal products in them, but produced by a company that also makes products that are not vegan. There are also companies that make vegan products but are not themselves run by vegans, but owned and run by omnivores. 

America has large degrees of income inequality between the rich and the poor. Institutional racism largely affects people of color, and no decent person wants to contribute to those types of systems at all. Most vegans, like everyone stuck in a difficult situation, are doing the best we can with what we’ve got.