Why I Went Vegan… I Think.

I was already on a trajectory to go vegan for ethics, for animals initially, and then also for the environment, but I buried the real reason for wanting to go vegan because it’s painful. I had plenty of good reasons to go vegan for a long time, but life decided for me in this instance. I think I used veganism to subconsciously to try to fill a hole my life, because of tragedy and trauma.

I recently had some discussions with people on twitter. They were vegans who believed that the only reason to go vegan is for the animals. Obviously, you can also become a vegan because of the environment, or for your health. So long as the end result is they abstain from consuming animals products. All roads to Valhalla.

I Am One Year Sober & Now Living a Wholefoods Plant-based Lifestyle

This is meant as a journal entry, which means it’s more personal, less treated like an article traditionally, so no pictures or anything meant to entertain or make the word on the page more palatable to an audience. It’s a record of my experience and thoughts, period.

Both my sobriety and veganism have evolved over time. I haven’t consistently drank since before the pandemic. As a vegan I’ve been plant-based for a few more years than I’ve been sober, although some of that is foggy to me because I was homeless and in a bad way for a time.