The Myth of the Middle Class

The 'Twin Peaks' Economy

That the middle class is somehow disappearing is a phrase that has been bandied about ad infinitum in conversations about the economy. I posit herein that the middle class had already disintegrated. We’ve become something else entirely. 

The goal here is to be able to explain that without boring the reader to tears. The problem with talking about the economy is that people simply fall asleep. Their eyes glaze over right away. They’re not familiar with most of the terms and get lost. They don’t passionately care about economics. 

Whatever the reason, it’s a complex subject. It’s not sexy. People want to understand, but when phrases like ‘bimodal distribution’ or ‘symmetrical bell curve’ are introduced, it’s already over and you can tell right away.

So how do you simplify an explanation to the point that it will be digestible to the most amount of people without reducing the subject to an absurd degree?

I came up with a short story that can help illustrate the situation simply. I follow it up with a rhetorical analysis that provides context as to how our economy became the way it is.