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Is Usertesting the next Amazon Mturk?

There’s a case to be made that not only are and their clients leveraging economic disparity, but that the results they get aren’t genuine, due to the fact that the subjects aren’t volunteers. It’s possible that they’re manipulating their testers into working harder for less money, and the whole affair could be futile if improperly utilized. 


Vegan Bone Health: Simple Solutions Involving Nutrition

Recently,  a study by Oxford University  proved that vegans are more susceptible to brittle bone disease, fractures, sprains, hip injuries, and similar ailments. Vegans can help combat this by simply keeping track of their macros, eating certain foods, and drinking soy milk.


First Principles, Best Practices

The type of writing we’re doing dictates the method we use. Sometimes we express private thoughts in a journal in an emotive way. Sometimes we wax poetic using ‘stream of consciousness’ writing. Other times we employ a system to make sure we meet a higher standard, like in journalism.