The Murky Vegan Economy

Veganism, much like objectivity, is an impossibility. You can’t completely avoid contributing to a system that is intricately intertwined with animal agriculture. There are simply too many variables for that to be possible. 


The Plant-Based Athlete: A Game-Changing Approach to Peak Performance

“I recently made the transition from vegan to wholefoods plant based(WFPB). I read The Plant-Based Athlete: A Game-Changing Approach to Peak Performance, a book by Matt Frazier and Robert Cheeke, and was convinced to use it as a guide.”


Vegan Bone Health: Simple Solutions Involving Nutrition

Recently,  a study by Oxford University  proved that vegans are more susceptible to brittle bone disease, fractures, sprains, hip injuries, and similar ailments. Vegans can help combat this by simply keeping track of their macros, eating certain foods, and drinking soy milk.


First Principles, Best Practices

The type of writing we’re doing dictates the method we use. Sometimes we express private thoughts in a journal in an emotive way. Sometimes we wax poetic using ‘stream of consciousness’ writing. Other times we employ a system to make sure we meet a higher standard, like in journalism. 


Deconstructing the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic is a two-fold problem that includes illicitly-acquired fentanyl and legally-prescribed oxycontin. On one hand, the pharmaceutical industry is completely corrupt. On the other, you have the cartels, as well as ethically questionable Chinese laboratories run amok.


The Social Media Effect

Social media has become an important human utility that has been improperly handled by selfish actors. Since the medium became ubiquitous in popular culture over the past decade, dangerous decisions made by a few web designers have had a negative impact on the world in many ways.