Recently,  a study by Oxford University  proved that vegans are more susceptible to brittle bone disease, fractures, sprains, hip injuries, and similar ailments. Vegans can help combat this by simply keeping track of their macros, eating certain foods, and drinking soy milk.
vegan high protein salad with tofu, chick peas, and avocado
When I first became vegan I didnt like salads at all. Years later I’m finally starting to acclimate to a […]
The type of writing we’re doing dictates the method we use. Sometimes we express private thoughts in a journal in an emotive way. Sometimes we wax poetic using ‘stream of consciousness’ writing. Other times we employ a system to make sure we meet a higher standard, like in journalism. 
The opioid epidemic is a two-fold problem that includes illicitly-acquired fentanyl and legally-prescribed oxycontin. On one hand, the pharmaceutical industry is completely corrupt. On the other, you have the cartels, as well as ethically questionable Chinese laboratories run amok.
The Romaine lettuce was roasted in the oven. We used the air fryer for the yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes, and […]
Save my veggie cuttings in the freezer. It smells amazing, so nutritious. #nowaste #plantbased #vegan