Who am I?

My name is Joseph Liberali. I got my start as a freelance writer as a young man. I was fortunate enough to work with a Jewish publishing house assistant editing Jewish Holocaust survivors memoirs, amongst other works. It was very formative and influential to me.

I’ve worked with small to mid-sized business on digital strategy. Using SEO, basic marketing techniques, social media management, et al, we were able to help improve search ranking and web presence for various businesses.

In finance, I helped provide federal funding for individuals suffering financial pain & sold loan modifications, was an asset manager for bank-owned REO properties, and managed and repaired debt for individuals and businesses as well.

As a performing musician and organizer, I was Musical Director at Boynton Beach Art District. I also volunteered for LGBTQ-oriented Compass Community Center, St. Bernard Project in New Orleans, and Habitat for Humanity in South Florida.