I like abstract concepts, and repurposing specific termology, which is why Grassfed Bull is a great brand to try and develop. 

I like to laugh, I’m a provocateur/ I am, perhaps, a bit of an anarcho-capitlist. I also have a healthy appreciation of value, finance, and the machinations of markets and day trading, but also chaos theory. I love science and the
ever-weird nature of reality.

Here you’ll find articles, reviews, and essays, my written portfolio. I’m interesting in writing about social value investing, renewables, green tech, changing power structures, emerging and diverging markets, et al. I see a lot
of data on vegan market have a personal and financial interest in renewables as well.

As a writer, an artist ,& musician, a photographer, and more, there’s more than enough fodder and material to work with for me to be creative in so many ways. I want to fill this website with some great, original content.